Your travel to East Africa

Your Eat Africa Safari experience with us, is a discovery of what these exciting destinations offer in terms of avian ( bird life ), big game viewing, people, Mountains and scenery and not forgetting the wealth of experience behind them.

Cultural tours is a rapidly growing  market niche attracting considerable attention worldwide as increased numbers of travellers are seeking travel. Go Away Adventures offering leisure travel combined with distinctive cultural experiences.
Mount Kilimanjaro has several routes; they are Marangu, Machame, Western Breach, Mweka, Umbwe, Lemosho and Rongai. months are December through February.
Go-Away Adventure Locally owned Safari Company, Offers services in the Heart of Safari Attractions and trekking Grounds in East Africa, You Experience an intriguing, exciting and adventurous journey to the heart of Africa Safaris. At Go-Away Adventure, we promise to deliver an adventure that will positively remain indelibly in your mind, at the most affordable offer.

With our knowledgably team of guide and organizers We will offer you unique Safari Experience in different levels from Luxury Tented, Adventure Camping Safari and Luxury Lodge Safariwithin the heart of East African Safari; wildlife, stunning landscapes, undisputed cultural Groups, Overland adventure, wilderness trails, private safaris, culture and biking expeditions, Photo Safari


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