Kitulo is commonly known as Bustani ya Mungu.The first area in Africa protected for its flowers. Apart from the Kitulo Plateau, the Southern highlands of Tanzania includes Mount Rungwe, Uporoto, Ngosi, Ukinga, the Mbeya range, the Livingstone Mountains,

Umalila and Ufipa Plateau. The Mbisi Forest Reserve is the eastern-most portion of Congolese forest in Tanzania and it is here that the central African Red Colobus monkey may be seen. Due to the high altitude and resulting lower tempratures, this population has grown longer coats than those found elsewhere in Africa. Flora / Fauna Almost 2,000 species of flowers occur in the southern highlands, Many species of flora and fauna are endemic to this area, Flowers include ground orchids, red-hot pockers, gladioli and irises. Birds include Blue swallow, Denham’s bustard and many others. Southern Highlands colobus monkeys exist on the plateau’s edge.

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